• Because Cosmo is shedding like crazy… The weirdest thing is it looks like she's only shedding her white fur since I don't see any brindle fur when I brush her coat...

  • How old is Cosmo? Kipawa is just 6 months and has not yet shown a difference in his coat. Maybe next winter?

  • Depends on age… and when they are spayed/neutered, I have found that they will go through a really "hard" shed every couple of years.. With puppies, not as much.. or intact dogs/bitches. And the white parts will shed more then the the base coat color.... and if you watch the coat during the year, you will see that the white coat color will be heavier then the base coat color... why, don't know.. but usually what I have found

  • Cosmo is 4 yrs. old… I really don't mind brushing her coat - it's the static that drives me nuts...:D So I always did it outside and always with a treat so she stays put...:p

    And come to think of it, my 1st B, Casey (r/w), shed as much as Cosmo as she got older and she also shed more of the white fur, too... So as Pat mentioned, the white color coat gets thicker...

  • Get a dryer sheet, and rub it on the b's coat. That will take about the static.

  • Not basenji, but one of my pups, Rottie, when she went into heat, shed out only the brown on her chest. Was really bizarre. Well she shed SOME all over, but she lost the entire brown on her chest. Not a problem except she was SHOWING so they couldn't show about 4 mos out of the year lol.

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