TX-Female Senior Tri PB-In Dallas Area Shelter

  • 10 Year Old Female Tri Pure Bred in Carrollton, TX Shelter-Owner Turn-In-Dallas/Ft. Worth TX Suburb

    She is on the heavy side at 36 lbs. Either needs a diet or thyroid medication!

    I have not contacted the shelter. Has BRAT been contacted or can someone check on this girl?

    I sent a note to the BBR yahoogroup list.

    There is a video of her.

    Here is her Petfinder webpage:



  • oh, man, this old dear breaks my heart..hope someone comes forward.

  • 10 in basenji years is not too old - Digital's best year ever as an agility comeptitor was as a 10 year old. This little girl could still give someone the best years of her life.

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