1.5 yr old basenji potty issues

  • Not sure if this is the right spot to write, but im new here, so here it goes (basically same issue im having with my basenji). We have not crated her as she came with anxietey issues (3 homes in 1.5 yrs). We leave her in a room for up to 8 hrs a day while we are at work. She wont leave a mess when we are gone. We walk her three times a day and she usually 2's twice and 1's whenever we let her out. But she 1's and 2's in her room while we are home. We have tried keeping a schedule and feeding at the same times of day but she is so unpredictable with her potty schedule. Can anyone lend a hand?

  • Do you physically take her out to 1 and 2 when you get home? When you are home, maybe go back to taking her out after play times and nap times, like a puppy. Give her tons of praise and a special treat when she does well.

  • Just go back to basics and be very patient with her. I do notice you say 'in her room' - is she not with you when you're home? Perhaps that is the problem that she's not able to let you know when she wants to go out. I assume you feed her in the evening so she is bound to need to go after that.

  • Patty nailed it… when you have an issue, you have to go back as if a puppy and start anew, which means you leash her to you at all times, say NO if she starts to go, take her out, praise and treat. The good news is unlike a puppy, it will go faster. But making really sure the room has been cleaned of odors using some enzymatic sprays/cleaners is a must.


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