Someone is getting a bath tonight…

  • First Basenji's

    I haven't had a whole lot of time to post lately, between school, work, Cody, and packing, but today I was outside reading while Cody was playing when I noticed he had gotten quiet, so I looked around for him and found him laying in the ashy fire pit. Apparently it was comfortable though.

    The pictures were taken with my cellphone, so they aren't all that great:

  • Houston

    oh that is hilarious…yes, a bath is def. needed after that.
    Pippin is the same way though..when we have burned leaves and brush in the past he has been all in it the next day..never laid down in it , but sure dug around and sniffed it.

  • he looks nice and comfy!

  • The photos are great! Thanks for sharing them. He is so funny!

  • That is total natural Basenji INSTINCT!!!

    Our breeder, Katie, recently went to the Congo. She actually brought back three different Basenji puppies on her trip. Long, fascinating story.

    What she noticed is was how all the Basenjis would sit in the fire pits. Apparently all the native Basenjis do this. Obviously the residual warmth from the previous nights camp fire is the attraction. But they also get into the habit when there is no warmth left. Some of the African Basenjis do have bad scars from misjudging just how "warm" some of these camp coals are though…

  • ROFLMAO, that is just soooo BASENJI. LOL.

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