• giving an update on the personalized aggression my B-boy had been showing towards my sister, and i am horribly sad to announce its not better, it is far, far worse!
    please refer to this thread for background: http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=10690

    Well, today my sister came over once again. This is her first visit over since having her baby. no kids were around. She stopped by to ask me to ride with her to the store so she didn't have to unload all the kids while she grabbed a few things. no problem.
    the problem was, Zumi knew who she was and was showing aggression the instant the door opened.
    He partially hid behind my legs, and was growling, not the soft rumble as before but an all out aggression growling. and throwing all of his fear body language as before with the uncurled tail, lowered ears, all fur on his back stood up, licking lips and stiffened body. I had never seen him act that scared in my life! My sister was in no way acting threatening at all!
    His actions i will be honest and admit scared the living daylights out of both of us.
    I gave him a firm "NO!" and told him to go to his kennel, which he gladly trotted into. His kennel is in my bedroom so i shut the bedroom door as well, hoping he would not feel threatened there.
    sister and i left and discussed his actions on our drive. she told me that is the exact same way he acted the day she came over unexpectedly.
    I am SO glad the kids waited in the car while she picked me up. i have never seen him act that bad. And am at a loss as to what to do. I do NOt trust him like that at all. Do i kennel him away every time they come over? I had planned on a no-threat approach and with sister giving treats but.. i don't think i can trust him that far, and absolutely not around the kids.


  • If you do continue to shut him up when your sister is coming this won't cure the problem but will give you peace of mind. You can make up your own mind if you're happy with that.

    Something has obviously happened to make him fear your sister and the best way would be to counter condition him as the previous advice given and as you were intending. This would involve a lot of hard work with your sister, yourself and Zumi.

    Is Zumi still ok with everybody else?

    It might be as well to consult a behaviourist.

    I can understand your fear and mistrust and I can see that it's so difficult for you.

  • I am sorry to hear you are still having problems and can't realy offer much advice. I can tell you that we have had a similar but not as severe experience with Malaika who is 13 months old and well socialised. Up untill appox 3 weeks ago we have never had issues with anyone coming to the house. However one of my son's friends came over, a young man, Malaika instantly huddles up to me on the settee and began shaking. I encouraged Mark to come and give her a treat, she however was too scared to take it. I realised after it wasn't the right thing to do on this occasion.
    The next time he visited her behaviour was more pronounced, as soon as she caught sight of him she crept behind me on the settee, showing the whites of her eyes, shaking and wimpering softly. I didn't reassure her but instead spoke to her in a bright jolly voice. I did however tell mark to totaly ignore her. In future i will continue telling him to ignore her but have treats for him to give if she approaches him.
    No idea why she is afraid, he has dog and seems nice enough ?? The only thing i have noticed is he appears a little nervous coming into the house as he doesn't know us well.
    Good luck with Zumi and your sister.

  • First Basenji's

    Some professional intervention is definitely called for at this time. Myself, when I am called for CC&D (counter conditioning and desensitizing), I notice that the dog needs to rely on a strong leader, a protector at the other end of the leash or at the front door, whatever. Think of how your endorphins are shooting out, your body language, your first thoughts translate into body language very quickly and your pup picks up on it! Just a thought, however and not being there I don't get the whole picture I am sure….but you do a good job with describing the scenario and you do seem to take good actions. If putting B-boy in his safe place (crate) makes him feel better, than just don't push the issue with your sister. Has he been around the kids without your sister??? Her fearful interaction from way back when plus her hormones definitely triggered everything (or so it seems...)Good Luck!!!

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