• Well, after being a very fussy eater for all of his first year!! Ayo has been eating incredibly well for the past couple of months. So much so , that I think maybe now I may be feeding him a little too much!! I weighed him a few days ago and he was 23.8 pounds!!! LAst time he weighed 18! but he was very skinny, and I was concerned. So , i dont know, i will watch and see if he keeps gaining or stays there. He is exactly 17" tall so i think maybe he is a little too heavy fro his size…???
    First he is too skinny.. now he is too fat!! :rolleyes:

  • Pictures would help…. can you feel his ribs? Should be able to do so and a fit dog when running, you should be able to see a faint outline of the ribs.

  • It's very difficult to say without pictures. Some Basenjis are quite stocky and weigh more. Like Pat says feel his ribs and also feel his front - if there is quite a fat layer there he is too weighty.

  • I have one boy who is 24lbs and a little plump, the other is 27 and very lean, depends a lot on muscle ratio too.

  • Thanks, your right, will post some new pictures tomorrow..

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