• Hi all,

    I was wondering if anybody knows if post-partum depression can happen in dogs 3 weeks after giving birth? Yesterday our puppies turned three weeks old, and Lana has not really been herself for the past two or three days. She leaves her puppies for two or three hours at a time, sometimes she goes out to play with the other dogs, but usually just goes and lays on her pillow all curled up in a little ball with the saddest expression on her face. Or could it be that she is just tired of puppies? Other than that, she eats, she plays, she does everything normal, but those bouts of sadness concern me a bit.

    Any suggestions?


  • Sounds like to me she is telling the kids your getting bigger and mom needs her time away. I am sure it does make them sad we as moms did not like leaving our babies.

    Rita Jean

  • Sugar gets like that also. They are probably getting bigger teeth, she's a little tired of them, and she's tired. Keep an eye on her and see how it goes. Sugar still isn't herself and the pups are 11 weeks and gone except for one. She's just starting to play with the others more frequently now and eating better. I also will be taking Sugar in for a bloodtest sometime in the next two weeks just to make sure she is okay. I just wanted to give her a couple of weeks after they stopped nursing from her totally. They were still nursing sometimes about a week okay, so I want to wait for a little.

    If you've noticed a big change, or are superconcerned, I would take her to the vet. Have you taken her temp? If it's elevated, I would take her to the vet also. Sugar's temp is not, and has never been elevated, so while I'm worried about her, I don't think it's infection, just not happy times.

  • I don't ever take chance with my bitches and while at 3 wks they will spend more time away from the pups… I would still take her to the Vet to be sure.

  • Houston

    ok, so me being a mother of a dog that lost his mother while a young, young pup…I would take her in too...I am not a breeder, nor do I know if it is normal..but for peace of mind.

  • Starting to separate from the pups happens in most breeds between 3 to 5 wks. Sometimes it is caused by nothing, others it can be sharp nails (are you clipping them? Then use nail file to make SMOOTH!!). But if she is acting actually depressed (doesn't seem like it from the description), I would worry about an infection and get her into the vet.
    What is her temperature?

    Have you checked EVERY nipple to make sure no mastitis is developing. Expressing out a drop of milk at least once a week or more often is an easy way to make sure each nipple has normal milk (ie not blocked and not yellow or brown or green stuff in it) and no sign of warmth or hardness.

  • I would definitely take her to the vet at the earliest opportunity to get her checked out. Yes some bitches do get a bit unhappy and start removing themselves from the puppies (to me 3 weeks seems early but of course bitches vary) but if she were mine I'd want to get her to the vet.

  • So I heard from Terri that she was up today to see the pups and that you have some very lovely pups… and she thinks that your girl is fine... Terri being a long time breeder, I would take her opinion... but just keep an eye on Mom....

    And yes.... I will come and grade the pups when time...ggg... I told Terri I would be more then happy to... as she said.... I will be ready for my puppy FIX....

  • Good to know that Lana is ok after all.

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