Thought you might like this! Cat on our walk!

  • I thought you guys might like this, Molly the cat joined us on our walk today 😃 Sorry for the poor quality, it was done on my phone :o

  • Cute!:D What a nice field for running!

  • It looks like everyone had a fun time. 🙂

  • That's remarkable! Does Molly know she is a cat??

  • They thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Molly actually thinks that Delilah the pug is her mum, she tries to feed from her! She also sleeps in the spare crate when I put the others in crates lol. She's a funny creature! She's never joined us on our walks before though 🙂

  • That's very cute, and what a beautiful place to live….I'm always jealous of those wide open spaces with no people in them!!!

  • What a gorgeous cat Molly is. You have the best of all worlds with dogs and cats getting along and lots and lots of room for them to romp together. I'm so envious!

  • Great fun, what a beautiful Cat, Molly is.

  • I love cats! I think thats what draws me to the basenji's is their cat like personality 😉 I'm looking into adopting a new kitty now (my Gypsy girl passed away last year) and hope to find one that's 1) cuddly sweet and 2) playful with my dog. Kismet's so sad that my Jenny (other cat) and Bear (chow) refuses to play with her since they're so much older. Hopefully the younger blood coming in will be a new buddy for her!

  • Our cat Sammy (now deceased) used to join us on our daily walks but if we went outside his territory (about a four mile radius) he would stay there until we returned to that spot. One day we did a circular walk and so didn't go back the same way. He waited there several hours until finally I had to go all the way back to fetch him!!

  • Sorry I forgot to say what a great video although I did feel a bit seasick while watching!

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