• A nice treat

    I need a toothbrush mommy!

    Eating the intire salmon 😃

  • Looks tasty!:D Cute photos!

  • Lovely brindling on your b…

  • Houston

    wow…awesome tasty treat...Great pictures.
    I could never get Otis to eat raw fish..he loved canned maquerel though..haven't tried Pippin on it yet..he is busy munching on deer meat at the time as my hubby got two does this past weekend...yum.

  • Something smells fishy around here. 🙂

  • Deer meat! We don't have that for our doggies in Holland!

    Why won't Otis eat raw fish? (is he that spoiled? 😃 )
    The boys are loving it to eat only raw meat and fish, the power they own in their jaws is so
    Especcially made for chewing bones 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Now that's some CHOMPING! 🙂 And no toothbrush needed – they have such clean teeth!

    Both my dogs loooooved the raw salmon bellies that I got for them. Sometimes I also get salmon eggs to add to their meals. Whole salmon is a bit expensive for us though.

    I read that you should freeze salmon in particular for at least a month before feeding, because they're prone to a specific kind of parasite that could affect dogs.

  • That makes me hungry - not the fish heads :D, but the filets - yum!

    I absolutely know my kids would go nuts over the fish heads. They all love salmon - well any sort of fish I've given them actually. Maine shrimp season is just wrapping up (my favourite time of year) and they've been chowing on shrimp a couple of times a week as I've been getting it so often. They sit and wait patiently until I'm done and then I give them some. Brando is a bit of a resource guarder so something as high value as fish needs to be eaten in their crates.

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