Pippin is going nuts while crated…

Tanza, good idea..I will try that..never even thought of that…how I love this wonderful resource of knowledgeable friends.


…Pippin slept in his crate last night..wowser..
We finally received the other wire crate and I set it up, made it cozy with his bedding. I decided to lock Moses into his crate, so Pippin couldn't join him in it..and low and behold..Pippin got the clue and got into his crate and curled up..so he slept in it with the door open mind you, but small steps forward is better than no steps...

Have you tried a dog harness when you take Pippin for a drive, instead of the crate. Being placed in the rear of the car, it seems to me that you are soooooo far away from him that he might feel neglected and just wants to be close to you. By using the harness together with the lap/sash straps of the car and a couple of pats occasionally, might fix your car problems. Good luck.


I actually have carseat harbesses for all of my dogs. I tried it on him a week ago..he went nuts..he,simply hates being tied down…he does ok in the car now... He cries but settles down after about 20-25 min. Seems long but at least he settles down.

was DAP mentioned in this thread? if not, it would be worth a try

Car harnesses are not for all basenjis. My first basenji was a little champion. I could go on a 6 hour trip with her seated in the front next to me with the harness on and she would just sit calmly until she wanted to pee. Then she would get up, tap me on the leg and I knew it was time to pull over.

I feel your pain regarding the car rides, it took a little time with Zoni. Try sitting in the car with him in the crate and reward for periods of silence. I waited about 3-5 s and would treat and extended the timing as she became more comfortable. If you can get one of your kids to help, they can sit back near the crate and do the same while you are driving. Since you have a clicker you can use that too to reinforce quite, calm behavior in the car crate and the house crate. I liked Crate Games, I found it helpful.

Edit: Okay, I just noticed this thread was old. Oops.


I have DAp spray.worked wonders on Otis..haven't seen it do anything for Pippin..he is stubborn, strong headed and has a mind of his own..I bring him along daily when I go to pick up the kids, to get him used to traveling in the car….but the last few times he has resorted to pee in the crate..it freaks him out that much..He broke a tooth on the wire crate at home..so I crate him with one of my other dogs and he does Ok..

He does sleep in his crate at night, but only if I leave the door open..should I try to close it sneaky quiet so he wakes in a locked crate or will that harm things even further?
He is Ok loose in the house so long as I lock Moses up, together they tear the house up, alone he gets into small things and sleeps mostly..I think at least..:)

Nemo, I will try the clicker today when we drive to puppy class. Good idea..

Don't click and drive. 😃

Have you tried a soft crate. I don't know if you can get them in the US, but this is the website I got mine from : http://www.oo.com.au/Collapsible_Pet_Travel_Cage_wi_P37265.cfm . I have two basenjis and they both sleep in it at night and whenever I need to take them on a drive I use this. There are no hard or sharp pieces and the dogs have not been able to chew it to pieces yet (touch wood).

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