He loves his new crate, even when i go outside ...

  • Scat mats are great until they learn to jump over them. Best is a baby gate backed up by a scat mat so they can't knock the gate down. A scat mat on its own will protect a room you don't want them in if you partially close the door so they are not tempted to jump. A good way to deal with a male Basenji who "wants to watch" 😉

  • @eeeefarm yes indeed. It is a male Basenji, who ALWAYS want to watch. he sleeps now on the sofa, I put 10 dollars that if now I will go to the bedroom, he will wake up and follows me. happens a lot. He ALWAYS wants to watch.

  • @mshilo said in He loves his new crate, even when i go outside ...:

    yes, he wants to be with me, also when I go to the toilet/bathroom. If he free, then he will scratch the bathroom door the entire time. Also when I cock, I do not want him beside me all the time. (It's an open kitchen)

    I am laughing really hard. My daughter's Samoyed CRIES if she shuts the bathroom door. He has also learned to open doors (all our doors here are the handle, not knob, type). We spend a lot of time telling him to stop trying to open the door. In GA, he'd stick his head around the shower curtain. Here it has sliding doors and he tries to open them. I, of course, give her no sympathy... being a mom who she followed throughout toddlerhood to the bathroom, put her fingers under the door. My male Rottie never did this. But my last Chow thought the world ended if I didn't allow her to follow me. I look over, Cara who is 8 has left the soft warmness of the bed to sleep on the couch so she can guard me on the computer. She will follow me unless i close a door, but at least she doesn't cry about it.

  • @debradownsouth Thanks, Debra!
    You didn't try to crate them? I am very much hesitating about this issues. i already put food inside the crate and i can close the door, and, as long as im near, all is ok. i leave the place, then the show starts. I do not mind that too much, but i live now in Germany, at they like VERY much the environment as quiet as possible. Som i cant teach him to sleep inside, no chance, he will wake up the entire building and the next day we both sleep outside. During the day time, i still try, slowly-slowly to get him used to the crate.

  • @mshilo said in He loves his new crate, even when i go outside ...:

    @debradownsouth Thanks, Debra!
    You didn't try to crate them?

    All my dogs are crate trained. It isn't an option. Yes, if we had barking a lot here, we would also be on the street, so I understand. Is there friends you can stay with a few days to work on the crate training so the screaming won't get you kicked out of your apartment?

  • Hallo Debra and thanks. Actually I pretty much alone here.
    I started crate training. Put his food inside and he already got used to stay inside for 10-15 minutes.
    Zwo questions:
    1.when I go out it seems he behaves pretty good. Not making any damage nor leaving ‚presents‘ and not making noises or crying. So, I wonder why should I crate him when I go outside?
    2.how friends can help with the brate?
    Thanks, meir.

  • I don't ever crate my two and we are sometimes gone for long periods of time - most of the day. We have even been gone until late in the evening. However, that said, we have a big fenced yard and a doggie door. They come and go as they please. I'm sure if we were in an apartment we might have to crate sometimes. I have found with our two that as they grow older they are more trust worthy around the house.

  • Thanks Dana,
    Until now I ׳crated‘ him in the salon, today for 45 minutes. No harm was done ( at least same as I with him, like trying to kill his toys or the two plants).
    I will not have the pleasure of a garden so top I plan to leave him for 3-4 hours alone. That’s why I debate regarding crating. I read how much it is not a jail and how much they find it soon to be thier safe place etc. Mine, even after staying 15-20 minutes created, definitely prefer his spot at the sofa. I’m sure about it. He doesn’t like to be crated and doesn’t feel safer etc,.

  • Well, my rescue one - the tri boy doesn't like a crate AT ALL. He will do it, but he mopes. My red girl was fine with crates when we got her because the breeder trained her great! However, we have spoiled her rotten and now she hates them and will sulk for days if she had to stay in one.

  • @dana-k actually Dana, I do not believe the trainers say that eventually, they come to like their 'safe place'. Mine now will stay and eat in his crate, when the door is open. If i try to close it, i see the look of a prisoner, and he definitely wants to get away. I would have felt the same, btw. Currently, when i go out i 'crate' him in my salon. Until now, no real damage was done, at least not different from the damage he tries to do (like eat the plants) when i am with him.

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