• My friend Sue and I were going to see another friend who lives in NY. (We live in Can) We had our dogs in the crates, all our papers, etc. They were taking about 5 min each car doing thorough checks on everyone (must have been work to order day). Our turn came up-usual ?'s.

    Where do you live? Where you going? and then the stupidest ?'s. Where did you meet your friend?? I looked at Sue with this perplexed look and turned back to MR. Border Guard sitting in his chair lounging and said, We met her doing dog shows! He sits up in his chair and says, "Dogs? What kind of dogs?" "Can I see?" And proceeds to oggle, and sweet talk the dogs, completely forgetting about us. After a few min of listening to his baby talk he simply says to go ahead! Sometimes it just pays to have dogs in crates!!

  • Oh Arlene what a creep LOL LOL…

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