Jigsaw and Indy

Ok, now I'm going to try and master posting pictures. Hopefully I'll do it right! Here are a few favourite pics of Jigsaw (r/w) and Indy (b/w).

Great pictures! And very nice looking pups!

LOVE your pictures. I can't decide which is my favourite, but the one of Jigsaw in the sweater is awfully cute! Both Jigsaw and Indy are wonderful looking dogs.

Wow! great pictures! and i love the dogs! stunning. the high-five is so cute đŸ™‚

Beautiful dogs, love the last one, looks like they are holding 'hands' .

They look great. Getting a B to stand still for a pic is always a challenge.

Wonderful pics of wonderful Bs :D. Love the last one of them both.

What a great pictures and what a beautifull Basenji's!!


Lovely basenjis..great pictures.

First Basenji's

Precious B's! The green clover/grass in the last one really makes them pop out.

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