• If Jet the try-ing is on the sofa (or bed) other dogs are NOT allowed to hop up on the sofa with him (although it is plenty big enough for 2 or even 3 basenjis). However, if another basenji is on the sofa, it is okay for Jet the try-ing to hop up there because that is a completely different scenario.

  • LOL I have exactly the same scenario with Nakura. If she is on the sofa then it is HERS and no way is anyone else allowed up there. But, if someone else is already on the sofa and SHE wants on, then that's fine 🙂

    Incidentally, she is 7 years old today. I told her that just because she is getting older, doesn't mean she can get grumpier too 😃

  • Yup, I have one of those - Ruby will not let Brando up on the sofa or chair if she is there by herself. If I'm also on the sofa or chair though, she wouldn't dream of not allowing him up - she is smart that way.

    Completely the opposite if Brando is on the couch or chairs - she makes herself at home. Luckily, Brando doesn't care - just loves the company.

  • Same here with Arwen, lol. Such special dogs.

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