Very aggressive female!

also…any thoughts on medicating our older girl? She has always been a little anxious/nervous...the vet gave us a script for prozac. We have not filled it as of yet...I just don't know. Our other thought is to keep them separate...which is not fun, but for the most part works, and to get the girls each a muzzle, so when the warm weather FINALLY comes around, we can all be outside together. I wouldn't leave them alone unattended, even w/ the muzzles. It's a little easier when it's nice outside, and someone can be out all the the winter it has been HARD! Of course, they want to be where the other is...the grass is greener sort of thing. They will sit at the top of the stairs at the baby gate, right next to each other...each on an opposite side. Then all of a sudden they will start growling at each other. It's like a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship.

i dont think muzzling is the answer. your boy will no doubt "help" one of the ladies out of theirs. way too risky!


They will sit at the top of the stairs at the baby gate, right next to each other…each on an opposite side. Then all of a sudden they will start growling at each other. It's like a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship.

Our house looks like a prison with all the gates. The gates really help, but aren't the solution to end all.

Just this week, I had the young group downstairs in the early morning before we leave for work, wife was upstairs getting ready for work. The two older B's sleep with my oldest son and they where in his room with the door shut…......or so I assumed.
We have this routine down like clockwork and at about 6am I lead the young group upstairs so I can get ready to go to work, we keep them in our room(baby gate at door), I shower, the wife is done in the bathroom and takes over watching them as she does whatever she does in front of that mirror in our bedroom😕

So at 6am I open the gate to let them go upstairs and at that exact moment my older son get's mad at the two older dogs apparently because they where scratching at his bedroom door, and he let's the two older one's out.:eek: :eek:
I'm standing at the bottom of the stairs watching the younger group go up the stairs and suddenly at the top appears the two older B's....:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
One of the young females got into it with the older female and luckily only minimal damage. I really think the younger female Penny went after Cleo to protect her group.......good thing....... Raven has seen enough of Cleo and Penny is better suited to take Cleo on.

Things happen so fast.

Yeah..for the most part we keep one group crated while the other group is out. We do have a few other options, but with a three year old, the risk of the wrong door being opened is high. So it is safest to be crated. But, one time I was away, and Tim accidentally put the wrong girls together..outside, after he had just grilled a steak!!! The were all checking out the grill, for like 30 seconds before they went "Hey, I HATE you! What the H–- are you doing out here with me!!!" And then the fight began, and Tim was like 'what is going on out there'...then realized he had made a mistake. So he opened one door, and the 'good' dog shot in. He closed that door. He went out and grabbed the two 'bad' dogs and pulled them apart. There was actually very little damage thank goodness...but it does happen.

We actually got out Gish's crate (the older female) to try to prevent accidental encounters…she's not that happy about it, but I'm trying to do my best here! I'm also not happy about the damage she is doing to the woodwork at the gate at the top of the stairs. It is good to hear that there are people out there like me who are struggling just to keep all of their animals. Most people think I'm nuts!


Most people think I'm nuts!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: We're all at least one fry short a happy meal for being so dedicated to these miscreants. But, non-basenji owners will never understand what it's like to have a dog that can communicate the myriad of feelings that a basenji can, or experience the happiness that their little wagging curly tail can transfer. They are a dog like no other, and until you own one, you just won't get it.

I seriously doubt that medication would help…. sounds exactly like the younger bitch is trying to "up" her place in the house. I have had that also, my one bitch at 5 months decided that my oldest bitch was the one to challenge and the older she got the worse it was. Believe me the best for all is to place one of them and like the others it should be the youngest to go... that is what I did, the oldest was there first.... And I did find a great home where all are happy.....
As others have said especially with children in the house accidents can happen and someone will get seriously hurt....

Thank you again for all of your input…it looks as if maybe Allie (the little girl) may have to go. I would miss her so much and would only want to place her with a basenji friendly good family. She is like my baby...she follows me around like I am her mother. I am willing to try to work it out here, but again like everyone has said accidents can happen, although my daughter (she's 5) knows to get away if there is any kind of scuffle. She is very aware of the situation. Right now it's actually kind of easy w/ her, b/c I always know where she is (my daughter, I mean).

You really might look into having a behaviorist look at the situation. It is almost impossible to get an accurate picture over the internet. But behavior modification will take a lot of commitment, and work, and still may not work…but you sound like you are willing to go a long, long way to try to make it work. It might be something to think about.

Can you recommend anyone? Thanks!!!

Stacie, can you send me a private message with what general area in PA you live in? I will try to locate someone.

I live in Northeast Pa. near Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton, close to the Pocono's. Thanks so much! I definitely think the person that we would work with would have to be basenji friendly!

there should not be any medication for this behavior. I have only heard of mommy daughter females being successful together.

please let me forwarn you. a basenji fight is not something you want to see. if something happens, water is a good way to break up a commotion.

your older female is just being alpha, it is who she is. your younger girl is doing the same thing.

from what i have seen you can have many males together with one female and avoid problems.

I would suggest talking with Brat and placing her in a home that wants and knows the breed. please do not feel guilty for making a smart decision about something instead of waiting for something bad to happen first. take the time to place your young girl in loving hands.

you could soften the change with a male puppy….

I honestly have never heard of two non related females jiving at all. lots of people like to adopt basenjis after the puppy stage.....

keep us posted on your thoughts. what ever you decide sounds like it will be difficult.

Thank you for your advice. Yes, this will be a very difficult decision. If any one out there knows of any one looking for a basenji, please let me know! I only want what is best for everyone. I have also e-mailed BRAT to see which girl would place best. I think the younger one would place easier, but maybe there is a retired couple out there looking for a calm girl to snuggle with and take for walks. Lord knows, our younger girl is anything but calm! She and my daughter have equal amounts of energy! Thanks again.

Hi Stace…we have our own issues that we're working on but I came across this person Pia Silvani from St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, Madison, New Jersey.

This may be a bit of trip for you but she came highly recommended by Patrica Mcconnell the author of "The Other End of the Leash" GREAT BOOK by the way!!

Hope it helps & good luck with your girls 🙂

Hi everyone,
Just a little update on our girls. We still have everyone here…we have been using muzzles for the girls when we are all outside together. (Never unsupervised!) They are doing great! They realize that they can't hurt each other and for the most part get along! They still try to get off the muzzles, but every day, it's less. They are giving up on that. We only use the muzzles a little each day, and for the most part still keep them separate. It's easy when it's nice, b/c someone is always outside during the day when I am home. Thanks to everyone for their support! Stacie

that's good news stacie. keep it up!

Good luck to you and hope this continues to work out. I know how hard it must be for you to even think about getting rid of one of your babies and I sympathize with you. Look forward to more updates and hope for a happy ending.

I do think it would also be a good idea to seek some professional help for the dogs, like other members have mentioned, a behaviorits so you can get some input on the situation. Long term training is definetly key and will help you in the long run.

That's great! What a great job you're doing "managing" the situation. I think it's the best you can do & we all have to find ways to manage these little furballs & their crazy quirks 🙂

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