• http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17639823

    says she's less than a year old. looks like she has dewclaws

  • I adopted this girl 3 weeks ago. I named her Kit Kat. Shes the most awesomest Basenji ever!

  • Here she is! I picked her up on my way outta town, she moved to Las Vegas with me, my husband, and her 3 new basenji siblings, LeeLee, LooLoo, and Snickers! 🙂

  • Congratulations, Melissa, and if Kit Kat could talk, she'd say thank you too! (Does she baroo?) She is absolutely adorable… How old is she?

    If you need another name idea for a girl, my daughter is Maggie, but I call her Mimi all the time. 🙂

  • well i thought she was too adorable to be there long! Congrats on what looks to be a delightful little girl. LOVE the name Kit Kat.

  • I p icked Kit Kat because I have one named Snickers.

    So, KitKat and Snickers, and LooLoo and LeeLee,

    I like the pairing 🙂

    She is about 8 months old, and all she does is baroo. HS e baroos at everthing allll the time, all day long, everytime you wlak into a room, or walk out, when she needs to potty, when you put her leash on, when you look at her and say hello… you name it, she baroos at it. And not short ones either, long dramatic ones. Shes SO CUTE.

    She also wiggles her tail anytime you look at her or speak her name or touch her.

    I have a song I sig to her everymorning repeating " oh! kitkat wiggle tail, oh kitkat wiggle tail"


  • oh, i love the ones that baroo lots!

  • OMG can I please borrow her to teach mine to baroo? PLEASE?

  • I want some baroo'ing lessons for my Lola, too!
    (P.S. I think your name choices are cute, too…. for some reason, I couldn't get the connection between Kit Kat and Sneakers... until I realized it was Snickers! DOH!!! :))

  • Ahhh I miss all the baroo'ing. Now that Griff doesn't have his girl he rarely does it. She and he would baroo whenever anyone came into the house. Kiz is totally silent, so Griff has only barooed a couple times in the 3 months we've had Kiz :(. I had hoped Girff would teach Kiz.

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