• BCOSW has a beautiful, older tri girl in foster care, looking for a forever home.
    Pearl is 6-9 years old, is very sweet, and would do best in a home with no kids and no other dogs.
    If anyone contacts you looking for an older basenji, please keep Pearl in mind.
    We don't know much about Pearl's history other then the fact that she was found running with another basenji on a Farm in rural WI.
    Pearl may have been a former show dog, as she is quite a looker, and gaits and stacks on the table like an old pro.
    Pearl is spayed, up to date on vaccines and HWT and is microchipped.
    You can find her on petfinder at: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17594607

    and can see some videos of her at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbQdjMJrP-c&feature=player_embedded
    and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dQGum-fjYI&feature=player_embedded


  • Nicole, she is beautiful! I hope Pearl can find a forever home… what happened to the red girl? 🙂

  • @Patty:

    what happened to the red girl? 🙂

    We separated them, and Ruby found her forever home with the family that was fostering her.


  • I was hoping they would get to stay together but I'm glad Ruby has a forever home. I hope Pearl finds one soon. A couple months back when the original "finder" of Ruby and Pearl had the ad in craigslist I called about them but the man said someone from rescue had just picked them up.

  • We kept them together for quite a while, then did a trial separation, and found that they actually did better without each other around, especially Ruby.

    Together, they did not need to come round to people. Apart, they blossomed, and developed into their own individual personalities, and are very sweet.

    Ruby is in a great home with kids, and a Boston terrier. She has a yard. She gets read to at night, and is a real cuddlebug with her new family.

    Now if we could just find as great a family for Pearl.

  • @nkjvcjs:

    She gets read to at night, and is a real cuddlebug with her new family.

    How absolutely precious! I hope Pearl is as lucky! 🙂

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