A Recent Walk With the Labradors

Thought i'd share these pics from a recent walk Maya had with her labs πŸ™‚

Racing Annie:


Annie and Beau:

Maya and Chloe:

Annie and Maya:

Meg and Beau:

Chloe's not looking bad for a 10 yr old:


Beautiful Annie:

On the way home!

awesome photos πŸ™‚

Maya is so beautiful! and i love the choc labs!!

I think this should be called… Maya leads the pack

My mum loves the chocs too, the blacks are my favourite though, a love a good old fashioned, traditional lab πŸ˜ƒ

And Maya certainly leads the pack πŸ˜ƒ

They are so nice looking. You see far too many labs fat and out of shape.

Maya is so pretty. Your pack is the opposite of mine. I have 1 lab and 2 b boys. It's so nice to see a basenji getting a chance to be off lead in a safe place.

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