• Our little girl, Jojo from BRAT came home yesterday afternoon. We are pleased and happy. She is so cute. She doesn't look her age,11yrs. She has got into the kitchen garbage 3 times yesterday and ate the edge of pizza crust but we have moved it so she cannot get to it now. This morning she got some tissue out of one of the bathrooms trash so we are going to have to do something with it. Maybe a can with a lid? She seems to need to know where we both are. She can be with one of us but then tries to find the other one. She slept all night in our room in her bed. She is shedding and some dandruff but I understand this is normal for a B under stress? I hope to post some pics of her in a few days. I want to let her adjust some more before taking pictures. Any and all help is appretiated. Terry

  • Great - congrats! Sounds like she's making herself at home! We put all non lidded cans up where Nala can't reach them and she can use her nose to get into the lidded ones if there is something particularly yummy smelling in there - some gross things that I won't tell you - ICK! But that is a safer bet…Nala sheds and has dandruff while under stress (at the vets, etc.) but in winter her skin is a bit dry too. I know there is a thread and I'm sure people will give some advice for that...hang in there! It'll be fine and fun...you are so wonderful to give a Sr. girl her forever home!

  • Thats wonderful! I look forward to seeing pictures of Jojo

  • happy you have jojo…finally! fender loves tp, i tricked him with the contents of the bathroom garbage. he wouldnt stay out of it so i sprayed the contents with the bitter apple spray. i still have to make sure the kitchen lid is on very tightly but seldom have to worry about the bathroom garbage....now if only he would quit drinking out of the toilet.

  • keep us posted with all of the exciting action…..

  • Aww…bless her heart...still stealing tissues as a senior citizen!

    And bless you for adopting her!

  • As grandmas sometimes do…my grandma used to always keep tissues up her sleeve. Senji would go for them EVERY time! 🙂

  • When I first adopted Mica, she was shedding tremendously. I didn't know what her shedding as all about. The vet was kind enough to recommend some white pills to help with the shedding. Now, I have a really cool brush and she likes this, as well as cleaning her fur every day with wipes. Than sometimes she is sprayed with pretty smelling stuff after that. She doesn't seem to mind, in fact she appears to like the attention.


  • yeay, lets see some pics, im obsessed with b pics!!! lol

  • Jojo got into the bathroom trash again so I emptied it…heee. My fault. I think I will try the bitter apple Ambered suggested. I am waiting a few days before I take pics...flashing camera...I don't want to upset her. I think I am going to try some flax seed oil capsules for her shedding. Has any one else used it? She does have separation anxiety. Jojo needs to make sure she knows where we are in the house. She likes it best if we all are in the same room. We just love her.

  • Terry – I am SOOO glad Jojo has finally arrived. Once she has adjusted to her new home perhaps she and Hollie can have a playdate. I can't wait to meet her!! We may have our own basenji playgroup eventually!!

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