• Well after all the post's on here about Benadryl I still did not stop and think. Jaycee went outside with Jayden just like normal. After Jaycee came back into the house in about half hour she started to swell on her chest and some around her mouth. My son and I got Jaycee and went to the vet right away. Luck have it our vet about two months ago took on another vet and she has worked with Basenjis and knows a lot about them. She took one look at Jaycee and told me she was going to be fine she just having reaction to something we are not sure what. Jaycee got her Benadryl and later that evening was all ready getting better. We did keep her on it for two days as the vet had said all is good and well now.
    To all of you that have told us about Benadryl thank you just sorry I forgot to use it before I got all silly but all is good Jaycee is great.

    Rita Jean

  • Glad Jaycee is fine now, Rita Jean

  • I'm pleased that everything turned out well and that Jaycee is recovered.

  • Hi Rita Jean, so glad to hear Jaycee is going to be fine. Basenjis - are they hyper-sensitive or do they just get into too many things? 🙂

  • Houston

    I am glad Jaycee is good again.
    I have used benadryl as well, not on Otis but on our little min.schnauzer mutt, it worked wonders and quickly too.
    Miss seeing y'all around here…

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