Any good Vets in NJ with experience in handeling our special hounds??

  • I have taken suuny to 3 vets in his 5 year life span and dont really like any….......... I always had better luck diagnosing sunnys problems better myself than the vet. I always come back with NO REAL ANSWERS but always a HiGE bill . This month alone i spent 500.00 dollars for two vet visits.

    I can overlook the bill if the i had good resolutions .............

    Any suggestions ....Please help

  • Where in NJ? I mean it's not a huge state but certainly not worth driving from north to south or east to west.

    IF you are near Bristol, PA… just a hop across the bridge... I highly recommend Pets Best Friend, Dr Shirley Jeffers. She was research vet before, utterly great, and her Vet Tech Brenda is my go-to person even though I now live in GA!
    215 547 5447

  • Wow. that is great . Bristol, PA is not far at all from me. I am in central jersey for another 2 months but then i move to south jersey in burlington county, so from bordentown, nj bristol shows to be only 20 min drive…..............I LOVE IT . i drive 40 for my current vet office.

  • You'll love her then, she does rescue stuff, is simply wonderful.

    Pets' Best Friend Vet Hospital,
    7029 Bristol Pike
    Levittown, PA 19057-4707

  • Perfect thanks a lot.

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