• Anyone have a recommendation for a vet in Pittsburgh?

    Dexter has had very loose stool since we got him, and it has gotten the point of diarrhea over the past day. We have to go in for a wellness exam and vaccination anyways and I hope to find a vet experienced with Basenjis if anyone lives around this area.


  • Once you rule out any medical problems, food allergies, etc., pumpkin (canned, unsweetened) can really help with loose stools. I have also found that squash (I use acorn) is great as well.

    What are you feeding Dexter right now?

  • Just curious, but have you changed his food since you brought him home, or is he on the same food he was on at Kyle's?

  • Thanks for the replies. Dexter is on Orijen, the same food he was on with Kyle.

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