• When I moved to Boise in '93, I was living in an apartment that had a weight requirement for pets. I was at the animal shelter and found this skinny, shivering and aloof Basenji.
    Her paperwork said she was anti-social and prone to escape. I just figured she came from an abusive background. She fit the weight requirements for my apartment, so I adopted her.

    The first week was fine. She behaved like a dog should. After a while she began behaving like a Basenji. I didn't know what her problem was. As this was the early 90's, before Al Gore invented the Internet, I went to the library. I read all I could on Basenjis, canine behaviour and psychology. I have the Rubik Complex- I need to solve the problem. Channayn fit right into my life.

    From that point we were inseperable, I knew no other breed could satiate my Rubix Complex. I started mnt biking just so she could be a Basenji and we both got exercise. She was so happy to be out in the wilderness and running free. She was very competative. She needed to prove to Daddy she was the better hunter, or the one in front.

    Eventually I got married. Channayn and my friend (now x-wife) got along. That's a whole other story. I moved in with my friend and got another Basenji out of the paper. Then we bought a house. I wanted another Basenji. She wanted a tri puppy named Tzonga. Channayn had her pack and ruled until the day she died.

    Channayn died almost a year ago. I came home from work and she was lying on my bedroom floor, feces all around her. She had enough energy to roll her eyes towards me, gurgle and piss.

    I gathered her up and went to the vet down the street for confirmation of her death. Even a year after her death I still get a lump in my throat and start to cry. I presented her body to my other Basenjis. Moses nudged her and then walked off to mourn. Tzonga licked her muzzle….......for whatever reason........

    I dug a deep grave, removed her collar and placed her in. That little bitch killed my my rosemarry by laying on top of it. Now she lays below it...........

  • Awwwww… a very moving story. Thanks for sharing.

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