• In late May our Teimo had an episode that I at first thought was a stroke or heart attack. He bounced back to normal within 15 minutes. Since then he has had 4 more episodes that we have witnessed. The frequency and duration of the attack has increased. Before the attacks started he would display and uncontrollable head shake that would almost cause him to lose balance and fall over. We assumed it was some sort of Parkinson?s. The frequency became greater every week. Since he is 14 years old we chalked it up to old age.

    After the last episode, I brought him to the vet. We had already discussed the issue after each previous occurrence and had discussed a treatment plan if the frequency increased. The only thing we needed to do was a blood test to rule out any other issues and then we could start treatment. He is now taking Potassium Bromide once a day in his food. Within one day of taking it the head shakes have stopped. It has been two weeks since he started and there have been no new episodes or attacks.

    Also Teimo has not displayed any of the common side effects that other dogs have experienced (loss of hind leg control, frequent urination and lethargy). So far it has renewed his life and ours. Will keep you updated.

  • What dose of Potassium Bromide do you give? Our 4 yr old whippet has been having episodes about every 6 weeks since May, always at bedtime. We also had all the bloodwork done and nothing showed up. Our holistic vet did a fur analysis and other than high aluminum nothing showed. She goes stiff on her side after rubbing her head repeatedly. after 2 or 3 minutes she comes out of it. She also does not lose her bowels or urine during the episodes, just goes stiff and trembles. Our vet thinks hers is probably caused by a head injury at some time from coursing. She is currently taking folic acid with B12 and Catapex E supplements. If her seizures increase in frequency or duration we will have to pursue more aggressive treatment, so I am interested in your progress.

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