• My 11 month old basenji Luke has become fascinated with squirrels over the last 4 weeks. He sees them when he looks out of the front window and goes crazy. He even broke a retractable leash meant for a 77lbs dog when he saw one. Thankfully it was at 11am (the quietest time on our quiet street)

    I am thinking that he would enjoy Lure Coursing. Does anyone know of a place near Windsor Ontario where he can practice? I don't want to enter him in any events unless I know he actually likes it.

    I looked at the CKC site and AKC sites and the links do not really tell me where to find a practice site.


  • There are two organizations for lure coursing in the U.S.-AKC and ASFA.

    There is lure coursing usually held south of Detroit, MI. I have not been for a few years but the club is MGA-Michigan Gazehound Association. I do not believe MGA holds AKC lure coursing events. Go to www.asfa.org for a trial schedule.

    I just searched on the AKC website and there is an AKC test/trial being held in Manchester, MI on October 2 & 3 for all breeds by the Raisin River Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of MI.

    There are also clubs in OH, one around the Cleveland area and another in the Dayton, OH area.

    Here is the AKC webpage where you can search for lure coursing events and you can search by state:


    You can contact the club to find out when they will be holding practice.


  • Thanks Jennifer,

    I am not sure where Manchester is, but Michigan appears to be the best bet.


  • There is CARA in Ontario as well. Maybe you should check the BCOC website for updates or contact someone from there re racing. I know we race in Princeton in the summer months. I don't know if there is another one planned for this year or not.

  • There is CSFA LC in Flamboro from 9-11 Oct, we had planned to come up for it, but work got in the way. Their info and premium is at: http://www.olca.csfa.info/

    I have several whippet friends in that area who course, I could put you in touch with someone for practice and trial info. If you are on facebook, that is where most of them post info.

  • This link will take you to each of the clubs various web sites and events in the MI/OH area. We coursed on most of the fields this spring, in the fall we have events closer to home on the same weekends and do not make it up to MI. Once you get on the clubs email lists, they will send you premium info and sometimes practice info. In the early spring the clubs do practices, the rest of the yr, they just hold practices on Saturdays after the trial, normally 2-4 pm. http://www.tahoeborzoi.com/Betty.htm There are normally 2-6 basenjis at the MI trials.

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