Oh my.. Mirtillo has another one..

A new collar!! It arrived last week, again from DG DogGear. Today we went to a small beach to make some nice pics πŸ™‚

Free "stack"

My sweet wrinkly face πŸ™‚

Running with mommy

Asking for a treat

Trotting around

A deep bow

Finally, a treat!

I think he's happy with his collar too πŸ˜‰ (Or at least with the location for this shoot :D)

For more pics: http://mirtillo.weebly.com/mirtillo-july–-september.html

What a unique collar! I like it a lot - and of course Mirtillo makes it look great. πŸ˜‰

Stunning collar, Tillo. You do it justice!

Tillo is a ways sell-dressed!

He's as handsome as ever! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Wow, Tillo as a cowboy :D.

Very nice…........

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