• Your name: Kathy
    Your city, state: Portland, OR
    Your phone numbers/email: bennyburnerbono at aol dot com
    Basenji(s) For Sale: "Sammy" Khani's That's The Way
    Age of Basenji(s): 2.5 years, Neutered
    Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: #24
    Testing: CERFd as a pup, not tested (both parents p. Fanconi Clear)
    Parents health tests: Sire/Dam OFAd for hips, eyes, fanconi, etc.
    Sire: Khani's Causing A ComMOtion
    Dam: Am Can CH Teazer Khani's Brown Sugar
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC
    Price: Negotiable
    Do you ship your Basenjis: To the right home, yes.

    Sammy is a loving boy that needs a home where there is a secure fenced yard (a 6-foot wooden fence) and a family to give him loads of attention!
    He was neutered at just over a year of age and is a great family dog.
    He is available for shipping to the right home.

  • He's a beautiful dog - I am sure you will find a wonderful home for him.

  • Does he get along with other friendly males?

  • @nobarkus:

    Does he get along with other friendly males?

    And If Dan is talking about his boy… I can totally vouch for how he gets along with all dogs, all sexes.... he is a total sweetheart!

  • Gonna get Buddy a buddy, Dan? Sammy is a very handsome boy, if we lived out there, I would be calling Kathy…...

  • I'll be getting Sammy after the nationals, so will know more about how well he gets along with boys then.

    Hopefully the rest of my girls will hold off coming in season so there isn't any male tension in the house!!

  • See you at the nationals Kathy

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