• Hello everyone!

    I am a crazy dog lover like all of you. My husband and I have owned numerous dogs over the years, most of them being mixes. Last year we were unfortunate enough to lose two of our fur kids (one to bone cancer, my sweet 14 year old greyhound mix Buster) and one to old age (15 year old Lady, a terrier mix). We now have Max, an 11 year old german shepherd/cattledog mix, Benny a 5 year old pomeranian, and now Finn, a one year old questionable mixed breed.

    When I adopted Finn last year from the shelter, I was told he was thought to be a lab/gsd; they assumed this because of his size at less than 4 months old. He weighed in at about 25 pounds when I brought him home. He didn't really gain much weight, in fact he was quite chubby and I took some weight off him and now, full grown, he weighs 29 pounds. I suspect he may have a little, if not a lot, of basenji in him. I don't know much about the breed, however he is VERY smart and learns very fast. I do rally obedience with him and he does wonderful. However, he has an issue with strangers, despite my early and incessant socialization of him to other dogs and people. He tolerates only select dogs and it takes him a bit to warm up to new people. He will often bark at them, especially if they try to pet him.

    I am going to try to figure out how to upload a couple of pictures of him to see what you all think. I'm looking forward to reading and learning more about the breed!

  • He is very handsome, but I don't think there is any Basenji

  • Very handsome boy.

    I also don't see basenji but I do see a striking resemblance to the Korean Jindo, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Jindo_Dog

  • Hmmm, interesting. I have never heard of the Jindo, however I can see some resemblance, although the coat is much fluffier. Finn has a very short coat with no undercoat. I am just curious as to what he could be!

  • Finn looks to be an absolute sweetheart, no matter what he is. How could anyone not love a face like that!

  • He is adorable! I do see some German Shepherd Dog, I would say. GSDs are wonderful and usually do well in obedience, unlike Basenjis… who can do well, when they choose!


  • He has such a cute face! I think he definitely has a GSD in him…

  • Awww….he's just so beautiful.

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