Inadvertent promotion for raw feeding

  • First Basenji's

    If ever there was a video that did more to promote feeding your dog high quality kibble, if not raw, here's one…

    I guess it's from a Discovery Channel program about how stuff is made:

    How Pet Food Is Made

    Some highlights:

    "It's the stuff of sophisticated nutritional science…"

    "Wanna bet some dogs and cats eat healthier than their owners?"

    "... but the basic ingredients that factories grind up to make dog and cat food are generally similar. First, CORN KERNELS."

    "As the continuous stream of shaped mixture exits the die, a spinning knife cuts it into pieces."

    "Once the pieces exit the dryer, they enter a revolving drum where they're sprayed with fat and flavoring. The fat is designed to add food energy, while the flavoring gives the bland pieces an appetizing odor and taste."

    … Something seems to be missing from this kibble (rated at 2 stars on, FWIW). That is... where's the meat?? I guess it's sprayed on or something?

  • First Basenji's

    Heh, I come from a culinary tradition where fish heads, chicken heads, and chicken feet are considered fit for human consumption (I've eaten my share of the first, but never developed a taste for the latter two). But the point is taken – the definition of "meat" contained in dog food is also highly dubious!

    So again... where's the meat? 😉

  • Im so glad I feed my dogs a raw diet, I know exactly what they are getting!

  • I use either high quality grain-free kibble or Raw for Kananga. Usually 1 meal of each, per day.

    I would never give him anything of lesser quality. Makes me happy knowing he very well may live to be a bit older by having quality meals. 🙂

  • I also give my girls high quality dry food, and raw veggies and meats, but it makes me wonder sometimes how come when we were little, our family dogs basically ate what we did, leftover of course, and managed long, healthy lives…....

  • I once bought a book, 'The Food Dogs Die For' - after page 1 I stopped reading it was very revealing about manufactured feeds - a bit too much for me!

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