Help DH with his 3rd grade classroom, this should be fun!

  • Thank you! He is also posting on his message boards, and he's excited to see who responds…keep em coming if anyone else is intersted!

  • When does he need them by?
    I'm doing a road trip in the states for my honeymoon end of August and begining of September, I'll probably hit 5-6 states, plus two provinces, if he's interested.

  • make that 10 states!, FH is really excited to break in his new truck!

  • I'm all over the place. Just somehow or other keep a tally of what you have and I can try to get the rest. Well, okay, Alaska and Hawaii are a little out of my range. I don't have pontoons and a propeller, nor do I have a dog harness and skis on my truck. But I can help with the Lower 48! I just don't want to duplicate anyone else's efforts.


  • What a fabulous idea/teaching tool. I remember when I was 8 and my parents told us we were moving to Ohio and I had absolutely no idea where that was. I also remember that one of my teachers incorporated it into a lesson not to long after that (Gee, were my parents involved?). Everyone in the class then knew where Ohio was. That was nearly 40 years ago and I still remember.

    I will see if I can find something generic to Ohio, mostly, around here, the postcards tend towards the Wright brothers and the invention of the airplane. Or would that be o.k.?

    Also, to ask Knipper's question again…when does he need them by?

    And, btw, check out the "where's AJ" threads - if DH is stumped for a fact or trivia about a place, I'd say she's a 'go to' poster.

    Hi! AJ's Human!

  • First Basenji's

    Quick question – would you prefer the postcards stamped and addressed, or placed in an envelope and then sent, especially if they're blank?

    You may also want to consider looking at It's an international project, but if the 50 States idea is successful, DH may want to branch out. There's also a forum there where one can post specific requests. I used to send/receive a lot of postcards on that site… 🙂

  • Thanks everyone! School starts early September, so anytime between now and then would be great…but really anytime by the end of September works.
    So...Knipper, if you don't mind and it's not too much trouble, that would be great! Sounds like a fun road trip...we usually take one in the summers too, but had a baby in January, and I'm not quite up for a long road trip with a basenji and a 6 mo old yet...maybe next year!
    And AJ's human, thank you for your offer! I'll tell him to keep track, and we definitely will let you know if we are missing any...I do enjoy reading your Where's AJ posts, and I actually thought of you when I posted this...
    BART...any kind of post card is fine, so send whatever is easiest 🙂
    Curlytails...thanks for the website, I passed it on to him, so hopefully he'll check it out. YOu can send the post cards any way you want, just blank and alone, or filled out, or blank in an envelope...whatever is easiest...he's flexible and just appreciates people helping out!!
    Thanks again everyone, and anyone else who is willing to help, we appreciate it so much!

  • North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah coming at you. Apparently in Farmington, New Mexico, asking for a postcard gets you looked at funny, laughed at a little, and sent to the drug store…
    Sorry it took so long, everything has been on end since the wedding, honeymoon, and Blaze's passing.

  • Does anyone know how the project went? It was supposed to be for mid-September?

  • Thank you for updating!! Please still send them if you can, DH's project is going well, I'm not sure how many he has, but I know more will always be appreciated, if not this year, for next year. I know he didn't get as many as he had hoped, so it's great if you can still send them!
    I am sorry to hear about your loss, since having a baby and starting school again, I haven't been on here nearly as much as I wish I could be, everything is so busy…but it's a good busy so I can't complain 🙂

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