R 2 better than 1


Tanza … I am not raising a show dog ... nor a bog for breeding purposes ... what I meant to say is that this 3 year old male has been raised as a show dog ... when we met him last week he could not "sit" on command ... his command language appeared to be different. Even the breeder said that he has not learned a "sit command" ... Will bringing a dog into my house that was raised as a show-dog bring challenges I am not prepared for? Will I have to train him with a whole new set of thought processes? I think I would rather raise another puppy than teach a 3 yr old new tricks!

Again, you already said that you wanted to have him neutered and if the bitch is spayed (you have not said either way), then the fact that he was used for breeding will not be a factor…. until at least Basenji breeing season... also known as "rut" season. And understand that being used or not, being neutered or not 80% of Basenji males know breeding season and will exhibit different behaviors during normal Basenji breeding season.

Show dogs learn to stand, however that said, they should really also know how to sit? Just because they show is no reason not to teach them other basic obedience commands? So, not sure why the breeder did not do this? Again, that said, as they say.... it is NOT that hard to teach an old dog new tricks...:p

I agree that two are better than one - we got a b mix to keep our girl company when she was 9 months old, and it cured LOTS of her issues.

In my opinion I wouldn't consider getting another until your 'problems' are resolved. Having a second could help but on the other hand things could get worse! It's a good idea to hve the dog to stay for a while as the breeder suggests.

I would think that the fact that the breeder says he might 'mark' means that he does so already because, as Tanza says, it is not an automatic thing for males to do so. Some do and some don't! The same goes for bitches.

Tanza makes a very good point about some male basenjis behaviour in the mating season whether neutered or not. They can become extremely restless and noisy and refuse to be confined at that time. It can be a great trial if you have close neighbours!!

Sorry, I ahdn't read that properly, I see it was the Daycare who suggested about the marking.

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