• Update on my little sweetie 😉

    He is almost 9 months now, growing so fast and lots of little clothes we passed over to other baby's.. (I kept lot of clothes, I just can't give all away!)
    He has eight theeth, and knows how to use them… :eek:

    The relationship between him and the Basenjis is so beautiful..
    I don't have the right words for it, you just have to see it yourself..
    If Ryan could talk and you would ask him who is the most important one in your life, he will answer Chafuko, after him, Buana..
    When we take him out of bed, Chafuko and Buana are walking along with us, push their noses in his bed to check if he is doing fine.
    When we come home from a trip and the boys were at home, they first greet Ryan, and when Ryan sees them after a hour without his brothers he will become so happy and makes loud happy noices!
    I can talk for hours about it and give you all a hundred examples of the three of them but the main reason to post this tread was for pictures of our Ryan 😉


    And so sweet 😃

    With Buana

    With Chaffie


    Brothers for life!


  • That is soooo Frickin sweet!

  • So, so cute!!! I can absolutely tell that he and Chafuko love each other and are best friends - very sweet.

    I cannot believe that Ryan is already 9 months old - time has flown. Great looking and happy family you have Kim!!!

  • Houston

    Adorable, simply adorable and handsome too. I love the last picture…so happy..you and Kas have done so well..

  • You can't have a better bond than these 2! I have to share these pics they're so good.

  • What a sweet little punk :D. On second pic he looks like Kas so much.
    My sister is in 6 mo of pregnancy and I'm looking forward to see our four Bs with baby. I am sure they will love her :).

  • Thanks all so much 😃 Makes a proud mommy even more proud 😃

    @ Irena, exciting!!!! What do they think of her grown tummy?

  • @Buana:

    @ Irena, exciting!!!! What do they think of her grown tummy?

    I think they haven't found out there is some difference yet :D. They will be very surprised when they will see her for the first time :D.

  • Kim and Kas, Ryan is absolutely gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. He's at a lovely age were they are interesting and interested in everything.

  • Ryan is such an adorable little man. He looks very thoughtful around his basenji brothers, as do they around him.

  • Ryan is a beautiful boy and obviously has a wonderful bond. It makes me remember one little girl who was born into a Basenji family and when asked who she was would say "I'm a Basenji"!!!

  • First Basenji's

    So much love in this household. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ryan is adorable! And I just love the pics of the the boys with him. It took much longer for our Basenjis to adjust.

  • OMG. He is sooo adorable. Love the faux hawk.

  • Toooo Cute! All three are so beautiful! My granddaughter loves my basenji, Lucy…so much. She loves to scratch her so Lucy will lay all over her 🙂

  • Ryan is going to break a lot of girls hearts as he becomes a young man. Ryan your so handsome and so are your brothers everyone should see the three brothers and how great they are together. Thank you for sharing made my day.

    Rita Jean

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