He becomes a really big boy 😃

Lifting his head:

Almost three months now… time goes too fast...
He is "talking" in his own language.. he's great..

When we go outside with Ryan and without the boys, they want to greet Ryan first when we come home..

Cute little man, love his spikey hair


So cute..too cute for words really..
I guess the boys want to make sure nobody messed with their little brother..that is a good thing, they truly love him..

My, my look at this handsome young man!

Ryan your very handsome love those eyes need to slow down your getting to be a big boy. Like the hair and you look to cute in the stroller. You have two great boy's looking out for you so sweet they check on you first now we all know who numer one is. New camera doing great job of pictures thank you so much for sharing.

Rita Jean

What beautiful eyes he has!!

Such a cutie. I love his eyes too. And the faux hawk. 🙂

What a handsome boy!
I love that the dogs want to greet him first!


I can't get over how big he is - growing like a weed! :D:D

He is really cute!!! and growing so fast!

Thanks all so much for you great reply's!

Look at my boys:

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