• We live in florida, bug captial of the world. Have recently recieved information on Comfortis. Our vet is now carrying it. We usually treat yard and house and have had a good flea control with that in past years. We know that some new products are not always basenji friendly. Do you feel comfortis is safe for our fur kids? Anyone used this med? Would like some feedback before we make the decision to try it.

  • I know lots of other dogs that have been on it for several years and the humans are very happy with the results.

    We are in Tampa and do OK with topicals (rotating, as they seem to lose effect over time) except for the start of each years "flea season" when we have to use flea combs, sprays and topical(Advantix or Frontline) to stay ahead of the infestation, then miraculously after 2 or 3 weeks we can step outside or go for a walk without being covered!

    Some folks don't believe in any of the 'chemicals' but down here, we need strong stuff for the dogs, and something with DEET for us humans when the skeeters start!

  • Houston

    I am in Texas and we have the same problem..only hardcore stuff works, it seems our fleas have gotten immune to some stuff.
    We started Comfortis last spring and are very happy with it. So far no problems at all and I have three dogs using it, all various breeds all different ages. It haven't left a rash or any other negative reactio, the topical left two of my dogs (non B's) with a rash.
    It seems a little high in cost but it works..so we like it.

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