Basenji wanted

😞 I was unsure who to contact about my problem so here it goes. My sister and her family adopted a Basenji about 13 years ago and are sick with the loss her passing has brought to them all. They are looking to find a new one as she really loves the breed ( even though she was mixed). I have also recently lost my ShihTzu that was also 13 so I can relate to their sadness. I really want to help her. Where is a good place to adopt another Basenji (mixed or not) in the state of Washington? Thank You

If they are interested in a rescue then they can start with BRAT, Even if they don't see a dog that is quite what they are looking for they should still apply since many dogs are matched before ever being listed on the website.

If they are looking for a dog from a responsible breeder then they should start with the BCOA website, They have information on screening breeders and a breeder directory.

I'm sorry for both your losses. You are very sweet to be seeking a basenji contact for your sister (and maybe one for you too?). If you put in a BRAT application, someone will be in touch, there may be dogs in your area not listed yet on the web site.

Good luck to you both.

I know that the Basenji Rescue web site in So Cal is not up to date and they have Basenjis that are not shown and some that are shown available may be adopted. So it's best to contact them and get an application going.

Also if you contact the breeders in the PNW listed on the BCOA site that LVOSS posted some may have puppies/juveniles/adults available. You can also find contact info for basenji fanciers on the Willamette Valley Basenji Club site and Evergreen Basenji Club site
Send the folks an email or give them a call to check availability! I wish you luck on your journey to find another basenji companion

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