Favorite Dog Food, says Caesar!

  • I have to just share how much Caesar loves his Innova Evo wet dog food. It is a raw diet and 95% meat. I have a case of Venison, and give him 1 can a week as a treat after a long day of exercise at the dog park.

    I went to the feed store today to look for some type of training food for the new puppy that didnt have corn, rice, soy, or wheat in it and went with the Natural Balance, but I also found Innova Evo dry dog treats!

    Healthy treats! $8 for a good sized bag.

    And for Natural Balance, well I have never seen Caesar get so excited about his time to eat. He actually wiggles at attention for his food now! He eats the Duck and Potatoe dry, and the puppy will eat the canned version. This is a no preservative food that is sensitive without soy, rice, wheat or corn.

    Caesar was at the feed store with me and searching everywhere for the horses. Crazy farm smells in there, he was going nutz!

    I found a product by Natural Balance that is in tubes and can be cut like pepperoni. Turkey! Super food for sensitive stomachs…

    Please post your favorite foods here to share with other members!

  • Mine love the Natural Balance rolls for training treats and it is great because you can cut it up into whatever size fits your dog. Other favorites around here are duck breast jerky, Wellness Well Bites and Pure Rewards are also favorites. The Well Bites are easy to tear into small pieces and the dogs love them. Zuke's are also popular and in nice small bite size, I have used these when I forget that I am out of Natural Balance and need something quick for class.

  • I just started feeding Innova EVO about a month ago, I can not get over how wonderful Zahra's coat looks! I am hooked on this stuff, I have changed their food a lot trying to find something with no what and junk that they don't need and the Innova is great.

    The vet was pushing Royal Canin for Zahra but it made her coat look dull and I wasn't impressed with the ingredients like I am with the Innova EVO.

    The treats are great too.

    I need to try the wet food, I have only been using the dry.

  • The wet Innova Evo food is super sloppy, but oh man, what a treat. I find that it may be a bit too rich to give daily, but after a long run or as a special treat it works gret!

    Mine love the Natural Balance rolls for training treats and it is great because you can cut it up into whatever size fits your dog.

    I didnt know what to call these. I bought them for the puppy to help with training. I wanted something that wouldnt create a lot of diahrea and was healthy for the little Cairo and soft. Can't wait to try it out. Any tips on how you prepare it? I was thinking I probably need to make some balls from it and put them aside for the potty training.

  • I slice it and then cube it. Each cube ends up being no bigger than about a pea. I then have storage container that I put it in and keep it in the refrigerator. The great thing about it is that I can easily break the cube into even smaller pieces while I am working the dogs so they last the entire training class without really overfeeding the dogs.

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