Southern Ontario

Anyone in southern ontario who has a basenji I could meet?
Ive applied for a b from BRAT (none specifically just in general) but the coordinator I talked to wants me to meet some basenji's before they will agree to adopt to me (im looking at the florida b's specifically).
I was hoping there would be some at the local Kennel club show but there are not going to be any there 😞 I know that the BCOC specialty is the beginning of july but i would like to meet some before then.

There is also the Erie Shores show in Caledonia on the June 4th weekend. The most entered will be on the Sunday. Other than that, I live in Welland and you are welcome to meet my 5 basenjis and the Boxenji and the heeler x. I work three jobs during the week, but I'm usually available Sat afternoon or Sunday's. Let me know if you would like more info on anything.

aww thanks! I live in kitchener and dont have a car atm but if i can figure something out i totally will get in touch with you! I have to work that weekend, I sooo want to go to that show!
Thanks so much!

If you can't manage this weekend, let me know and I will try to hook you up with someone in London. I know there are two people there that have B's, but it really is better if you can meet a bunch of them at once and then you will at least meet a bunch of us and can pick a breeder based on personal meetings. There will be at least 7 breeders from Southern Ontario there, if not more.

Wow! I didnt know there were 7 breeders in Ontario lol
Im actually not looking to find a breeder really, BRAT is requiring me to meet a bunch of basenji's before they will adopt to me.
Thanks again!

I didn't mean exactly that you had to meet all the breeders for a puppy. LOL I meant that meeting that many breeders and dogs, you will find different temperments, different looks, different personalities, etc. That's all. I am in no way trying to persuade you away from the rescue B's. As I said, just let me know if you need to visit or perhaps I can help you arrange a visit if you can't make it to the show.

oh I didnt mean to imply that sorry! I just thought maybe you missed what i said but i understand now…
I actually saw someone walking a B today and i almost had a heart attack.. I couldnt stop because i was going to miss my bus! I am going to try and track this person down lol

I'm in Windsor if you are ever out this way.

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