B pup in shelter - Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

  • Does BRAT have someone in the Canadian prairies area that can help? He's a 3 month old brindle cutey!


  • Houston

    ohh, ain't he adorable..I bet Sharron will chime in soon.

  • What a cutie! How did he end up there? Wish I could get him but our house is full with 3 critters!

  • I will see what I can do!

  • I'll let the BCOC know.

  • I recieved this from the Pres of BCOC the breed club in Canada.
    Here is an update on the Regina Humane Society puppy:

    They are not willing to release the little guy to a shelter as he is highly adoptable. They will include information that I have given them in their adoption package. That is the best I can do I guess 😞


  • Are you guys talking about "Ben" from the Regina Human Society? If yes, I just adopted him yesterday. Just waiting now until he can get neutered, then I can bring him home!
    I came upon this site doing research on Basenji's….so any tips you can give me on this breed would be great.

  • Also, do you know where Ben came from? They didn't tell us much about that at the humane society.

  • Houston

    BEK, thank you for adopting this little fella..

    Read as much as you can about the breed if you are not familiar with it, they have their little querks, much of which us basenji lovers adore and some that drives us crazy, but we still lov'em.

    Few things off the top of my head.
    -Never trust him off leash unless it is in a fenced in area. Basenjis (and other hound dogs) are notorious for running with their nose, meaning their nose (and eyes) will catch something of interest and off they go…recall is not going to work..in most cases.

    -Basenjis biggest enemy is cars, getting loose or free running and seeing a car it is trying to outrun, or running across the street with a squirrel in mind..

    -Most (not all) are very destructive if left alone and allowed to get bored. Either have him crated while you are gone, or if he is good, make sure he has lots to entertain himself with.

    -They are curious...and if you lock it up it must be worth trying to steal.

    -Paper, preferable toiletpaper are huge hits, they love to shred paper, most do anyways.

    -They love the sun, detest being cold and especially wet..many won't "willingly" go out to use the restroom if it is raining., yet they love to steal your wet towel after you are done with your shower...

    -Some are very treat/food motivated and will learn quickly should you teach him tricks and commands. They are thought to be stupid...far from it, they are extremely smart, just chose to show their smarts when "they" feel like it, not when you want them to.

    Overall, it is one of the most fascinating dogbreeds, in my opinion, and you will adore that little bugger in a heart beat.
    Do not hesitate to ask questions, several members are long time breeders and lovers. Lots of information is to be had, read as much as your heart desires..and have a open mind, you will be thanked thousand full in return.

    and, by the way..Welcome onboard..

  • BEK,

    Congratulations on adopting the little cutie! I'm so glad to hear someone who is obviously concerned enough about getting as much information about your new dog adopted this little guy from the shelter and found this forum online. We're in Vancouver, BC and while we haven't had a Basenji pup in the house for almost 11 years, we had 2 at the same time (littermates) - we lived by the old adage that "a tired Basenji is a good Basenji", and with the recent addition of a 3 year old brindle boy we have rediscovered the benefits of beef/veal chews…they provide something that takes time for them to work through with their teeth that isn't yours!

    There was little to no information on the Petfinder posting that I saw, and Basenjis are hard to come by in Canada.


  • Glad you got this pup. Make sure you do the fanconi testing. It will help you know the future with your b.

  • @BEK:

    Also, do you know where Ben came from? They didn't tell us much about that at the humane society.

    This isn't a "for sure", but there is an, um…"breeder" in Winnipeg who produces a lot of brindles, and her dogs have ended up in the Regina humane society before. I have a 2 year old brindle male that is suspected to be one of hers that I got off of Calgary kijiji last summer. He's a great guy! Maybe Teak and Ben are related. 🙂

  • Oh, do you know anything about that breeder, like are the parent dogs clear of fanconi? Have you tested Teak for fanconi?

  • She doesn't test her dogs as far as I know of if it's the same 'breeder'. I would definitely get him tested if this is a dog that comes from the breeder I am thinking of. If you need any help, you can e-mail me privately.

  • That's unfortunate that there are irresponsble breeders like that. I am suprised that the humane society didn't say anything about fanconi or tell us to get him tested. Do we just get that test done at the vet and is there a certain age that's best to get it done? Do you know roughly how much it costs to get the test?

  • The humane society was supposedly supposed to give you info that the President of the BCOC had given them. I don't know what happened from there. I think it's $65 US. Very easy to do. Register the dog with the canine phenome project and then order the DNA test through the OFFA. I'm sure either Pat or Lisa can confirm this.

  • Go to this link to order the test https://secure.offa.org/cart.html scroll down to the Fanconi DNA test. It is 65.00 us dollars and is a cheek swab that you do yourself and send in.

    Here is the link to register with CPP (this is free) and if you don't have registration information like for a rescue, you can just make up a number

  • Thanks Pat, I knew either you or Lisa would have the links. Yes, it's very easy to do.

  • Thanks for the info, I will have to get that done. I went to see little Ben today and the lady there said they are pretty sure the "breeder" he came from was a puppy mill situation…so I'm a little nervious now that we might have bought an unhealthy dog. I sure hope not. He's very cute though, a little bundle of energy. It's too bad they won't let us take him home for over 2 more weeks, he looked so sad in the kennel there.

  • The good news is that you can watch if your boy turns our affected. But even if its the worst thing and I am hoping it isn't there is a great group you can join and way to suppliment the dog so he can live a long life.

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