Male B in Baton Rouge, LA shelter

  • i just wanted to make a quick post. i found a tri male basenji, a little over a year old on the CAPITAL AREA ANIMAL WELFARE SOCIETY website.. under dogs and puppies.. his name is Quentin and he's been in the shelter since 8/19/07..

  • For goodness sakes! How could this guy be stitting in the shelter for over 3 months!!! I hope they have scanned him to find out if he has a breeder who will take him back.

    For all you BRAT folks out there…do most shelters contact Basenji Rescue when they get an obviously purebred Basenjis? Or are there areas of the country where there just aren't any BRAT folks to be able to help out? I guess what I am asking here, is where is it likely to have been a breakdown here that this guy hasn't been sprung? Not judging or being critical...just genuinely curious.

  • Our Tampa Humane Society usually calls me (I helped adopt out basenjis before the internet!) if they can't place the dog. They prefer to try to place on their own first. Our county Animal Services has called the local BRAT person in the past, I assume they still do but don't know if they try and place first.

    Anne in Tampa

  • In our area, one shelter will contact our Basenji club or BRAT, the other will not… as they can collect more money for purebreds....

  • I don't think shelters inherently call BRAT when they get a Basenji. Has anyone alerted BRAT to this little guy? He is so cute and what a sad story. What kind of person just kicks one of their dogs out onto the street?!

  • Most of my shelters call basenji rescue when they get a basenji in.
    That is because selling a basenji to a family who hasn't a clue to what they are getting, makes the dog come back to the shelter.
    They know basenji rescue is a good thing.
    I hope someone can get him out.
    Maybe they can send a family who has been screened to the shelter to adopt it out directly.
    That would be better then the dog being left in the shelter, imo.

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