Trucker Translations

Sometimes, I get questions regarding Trucker Chatter and what various statements mean in "real English." Some of it is kind of amusing, so I will share with y'all…

Trucker: "There's a big ol' Gator on the Zipper at westbound Yardsticker 145."
Translation: Somebody blew a tire and lost the retread. It's lying on the dotted line at mile marker 145 on the westbound side.

Trucker: "Check out the Seatcover in the 13-Letter S***-Spreader at the 35 Git-off."
Translation: Wow! That lady truck driver is really attractive! Take a look for yourself. She's driving an International and is passing exit number 35.

Trucker: "Hey, Swift! You're gonna run yourself out of Flasher Fluid!"
Translation: (Indicating a driver for Swift Transportation) Turn your blinker off.

Trucker: "Good Buddy"
Translation: Pejorative indicating the driver saying this believes the other person in the conversation to be a gay male. Will usually elicit a two-word American salutation not suitable for recitation here.

Trucker: "What 'dja leave behind ya'?"
Translation: Where are the speed traps? or Where are the police hiding?

Trucker: "What's that Chicken Coop doing?"
Translation: Is the DOT scale open?

Trucker: "This is my Bus Stop."
Translation: I'm getting off the highway at the next exit. Have a good trip.

Y'all be safe out there. Cheers!

A number of years ago, my friend and I drove down to Vegas from Vancouver, BC - first going over to Montana and then down from there. She had a CB radio, and we listened to the truckers all the way down to Vegas - we had some good laughs listening to them and trying to figure out what they were saying. And yes, some of what they say certainly is unprintable here.

My brother believes that truckers are the end all and be all of knowledge of speed traps. He has a CB in his mini-van and believes that 80 is a good speed unless he hear's otherwise on the radio. I don't think he really understands what's being said except for stuff about highway patrols and even then I'm not sure he gets it. I will never travel with him again after the last time, several years ago. 70 is to slow for him in a 55 zone, 80 is too slow, period. "The truckers said there are not patrols". I don't need to be involved in his NASCAR fantasies, it was a bad drive home from Maine.:eek:

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