• Sometimes, I get questions regarding Trucker Chatter and what various statements mean in "real English." Some of it is kind of amusing, so I will share with y'all…

    Trucker: "There's a big ol' Gator on the Zipper at westbound Yardsticker 145."
    Translation: Somebody blew a tire and lost the retread. It's lying on the dotted line at mile marker 145 on the westbound side.

    Trucker: "Check out the Seatcover in the 13-Letter S***-Spreader at the 35 Git-off."
    Translation: Wow! That lady truck driver is really attractive! Take a look for yourself. She's driving an International and is passing exit number 35.

    Trucker: "Hey, Swift! You're gonna run yourself out of Flasher Fluid!"
    Translation: (Indicating a driver for Swift Transportation) Turn your blinker off.

    Trucker: "Good Buddy"
    Translation: Pejorative indicating the driver saying this believes the other person in the conversation to be a gay male. Will usually elicit a two-word American salutation not suitable for recitation here.

    Trucker: "What 'dja leave behind ya'?"
    Translation: Where are the speed traps? or Where are the police hiding?

    Trucker: "What's that Chicken Coop doing?"
    Translation: Is the DOT scale open?

    Trucker: "This is my Bus Stop."
    Translation: I'm getting off the highway at the next exit. Have a good trip.

    Y'all be safe out there. Cheers!

  • A number of years ago, my friend and I drove down to Vegas from Vancouver, BC - first going over to Montana and then down from there. She had a CB radio, and we listened to the truckers all the way down to Vegas - we had some good laughs listening to them and trying to figure out what they were saying. And yes, some of what they say certainly is unprintable here.

  • My brother believes that truckers are the end all and be all of knowledge of speed traps. He has a CB in his mini-van and believes that 80 is a good speed unless he hear's otherwise on the radio. I don't think he really understands what's being said except for stuff about highway patrols and even then I'm not sure he gets it. I will never travel with him again after the last time, several years ago. 70 is to slow for him in a 55 zone, 80 is too slow, period. "The truckers said there are not patrols". I don't need to be involved in his NASCAR fantasies, it was a bad drive home from Maine.:eek:

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