• I brought home a new rug that I spent A$99.00 for to use in the lounge room. My girlfriend and I were concerned about how long it would last having regard to Pepper's previous history with our lounge. We placed the rug on the floor and let the demons in. Both Pepper and Mister Two Dicks ran straight to the rug. Mister Two Dicks had a few sniffs and decided it wasn't that much to worry about. Pepper, on the other hand went straight to the woven in design and started to pick and chew it it. We immediately stopped that. We then sprayed the whole mat with Euchalyptus Oil. After a sniff, Mister Two Dicks decided he was needed elsewhere. Pepper had a couple of sniffs, and then decided to roll her body in rug, leaving her scent on it. She rolled, she rolled, she rolled and rolled again. Take that Euchalyptus oil.

  • LOL, I have the same problem. I have a 6 x 4 rug and Buddy goes straight for it when I let him in. Likes to toss it around like a toy then pull some loose threads. It's also used as a napkin after he eats rubbing his face all over it.

  • We have a 6 x 3 foot burgundy rag rug with fringe between our kitchen and dining area. Shaye and Gemma love to ball that rug up and toss it around, but Gemma has just begun pulling at the ends, and is slowly pulling the weave out - clear to see the rug is not long for this world - but - when they decide to destroy something replaceable, I have begun leaving it there for them to play with, and only putting the replacement down when company comes. Better something like that than the couch!

  • @nobarkus:

    It's also used as a napkin after he eats rubbing his face all over it.

    Boy does that sound familiar. I wish mine used the throw rugs. They prefer the larger wall to wall carpet napkin. They certainly are fastidious when things are on their face. 🙂

    Shaye's mom, try tea tree oil. I've never had a problem with staining but I would check it first on a small area. Works better than bitter apple. Lost a queen sleeper sofa to the dogs (bitter apple and all:eek:) before those here introduced me to tea tree oil.

  • So I am not alone!! Throw rugs have a 100% mortality rate at our house. I brought the last one home, tossed it on the floor and went to the kitchen to put the groceries away. Five minutes later it was upside down on the couch and one end was shredded.

  • Bitter apple spray, at PetSmart helps some b's avoid chewing the items sprayed.
    It works in my house.

  • Thanks for the advice, Snorky - I've put tea tree oil on all the rungs of the wooden dining room chairs and kitchen chairs, but I'd need a gallon to keep Gemma away from the rug! She would just start at the other end or the middle.

  • Hi everyone. I tried buying bitter apple but not one of my pet stores stock it. So, I bought a bottle of "Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray" and covered the rug with it. Pepper had a sniff and didn't go anywhere near it last night. First thing this morning she went over to the rug squatted and urinated over it. Not very happy with her.:mad:

  • Hhehe, sorry but she is just telling you what she thinks of this product.
    It's easier to get the pee up with a cleaner, than getting the rug holes mended…at least, IMO.
    Sorry this was the outcome.

  • Thanks for the support, Sharron. LOL It just means we have to be more vigilant with her.

  • Sorry I laughed..but I have to tell you, we have to with these wonderful quirky dogs.
    My friend was bragging on how sweet and loving her new basenji pup was, and then the pup went over peed on her carpet, when the owner was cleaning up the pee, the pup chewed up something she pulled off the table.
    Oh, yes, you have to laugh and love them!!!

  • Little "she" devils.. they are… mine swiped my glasses for about the 100th time... each with an "arm" in their mouth running around the yard....

    Get out that newpaper and hit yourself over the head 10 times while repeating... I must not forget to...... I must not forget to...........

  • I have to tell you, my hubby is the worst..forgets to put the babygates up and gets crabby when his shoes are chewed…well, that basenji puppy won't go for the footwear???
    Hubby should know better!

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