Seattle Dog show weekend of the 12 March

I will be at Quest field in Seattle Wa for the dog show sat and sun.
The show starts at 8am. I will check with the breeders who are showing b's and find out what time the b's show both days.
If you want to come, please do. There will a meet the breeds booths upstairs, James who just came back from Africa will be at the Evergreen basenji booth. I will be at the Seattle Purebred dog rescue booth.
Good fun all day long!
Hope to see you there.

Judging program is up Sharron

Saturday, ring 4 at 10:30AM total entry of 16
Sunday, ring 5 at 8:00AM total entry of 21

Thank you Pat.
So, if your coming sun, come early…I will be here 8am both days.

Meeting b’s at the dog show this coming weekend at the Seattle dog show

Subject: Seattle Kennel Club Meet the Breed - BASENJIS!!

******* I have the scheduled time for the meet the breed booth!!! Here it is….This year we’re sharing the ring with the Basset Hounds.**********


10.45 am - 11.35 am
(50 mins as two breeds) Basenji Our ring time is 8 am with 21 entered
Basset Hounds 8 am - 10 entered

My sister and I are driving down from Vancouver and are staying one night. Hope to meet lots of basenji breeders and lovers! P.S. my sis has a chow, but I won't tell the basenjis that.

8 am is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too freakin early !!!!!!

I have evolved into a fair ring time exhibitor… not sure I like that time from my neck of the woods!

Kipawa, come by..I will introduce you around.

Sharron, thanks. My sis and I will definitely come by to see you. I'm very excited about seeing so many b's in one place, and I hope to talk to the breeders there. Sis wants to be at the rings at 8:00 a.m. to see the Chows…. yawn. She has a beauty chow, silver black female (6 years old). A very gentle and aloof character. Will post a pic of them once I figure out how to attach pictures. I keep getting "invalid file" - size problem maybe? I have tried both .jpeg and .doc

Don't foreget, sun is daylight savings time…clocks need to be moved forward one hr.
Sigh. I will be getting up at 4am to get to the real time..
Oh, well, its worth it.

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