Seattle Dog show weekend of the 12 March

  • I will be at Quest field in Seattle Wa for the dog show sat and sun.
    The show starts at 8am. I will check with the breeders who are showing b's and find out what time the b's show both days.
    If you want to come, please do. There will a meet the breeds booths upstairs, James who just came back from Africa will be at the Evergreen basenji booth. I will be at the Seattle Purebred dog rescue booth.
    Good fun all day long!
    Hope to see you there.

  • Judging program is up Sharron

    Saturday, ring 4 at 10:30AM total entry of 16
    Sunday, ring 5 at 8:00AM total entry of 21

  • Thank you Pat.
    So, if your coming sun, come early…I will be here 8am both days.

  • Meeting b’s at the dog show this coming weekend at the Seattle dog show

    Subject: Seattle Kennel Club Meet the Breed - BASENJIS!!

    ******* I have the scheduled time for the meet the breed booth!!! Here it is….This year we’re sharing the ring with the Basset Hounds.**********


    10.45 am - 11.35 am
    (50 mins as two breeds) Basenji Our ring time is 8 am with 21 entered
    Basset Hounds 8 am - 10 entered

  • My sister and I are driving down from Vancouver and are staying one night. Hope to meet lots of basenji breeders and lovers! P.S. my sis has a chow, but I won't tell the basenjis that.

  • GLUG.
    8 am is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too freakin early !!!!!!

    I have evolved into a fair ring time exhibitor… not sure I like that time from my neck of the woods!

  • Kipawa, come by..I will introduce you around.

  • Sharron, thanks. My sis and I will definitely come by to see you. I'm very excited about seeing so many b's in one place, and I hope to talk to the breeders there. Sis wants to be at the rings at 8:00 a.m. to see the Chows…. yawn. She has a beauty chow, silver black female (6 years old). A very gentle and aloof character. Will post a pic of them once I figure out how to attach pictures. I keep getting "invalid file" - size problem maybe? I have tried both .jpeg and .doc

  • Don't foreget, sun is daylight savings time…clocks need to be moved forward one hr.
    Sigh. I will be getting up at 4am to get to the real time..
    Oh, well, its worth it.

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