African basenji dog lost in Meridan Id

This is the e-mail of Rose Marie Holt, her r/w young african village basenji got out from a kennel where she was place with her puppies and is running loose.
I have photos but don't know how to post them, the photos are when this girl was a puppy, r/w with lots of white, loopy tail and in need of getting back to her puppies.

If anyone in the area can help, please contact Rose Marie.
No one wants a basenji lost.


Lisa already posted about this bitch being lost, see the other thread about lost dog in ID

Oh, great, nope, I didn't look just wanted to get this out.
Sorry for the second post.

The picture the owner provided to Sharron is of the girl as a young puppy. She is now 12-14 months old.

Again, this girl whelped a litter on Thursday. I am sure she is scared and confused and needs to get back to her babies. If anyone is in the area or knows people in the area, please spread the word.

Thanks Lisa, anyone who can help this poor scared momma dog, is an angel!

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