African basenji dog lost in Meridan Id


    This is the e-mail of Rose Marie Holt, her r/w young african village basenji got out from a kennel where she was place with her puppies and is running loose.
    I have photos but don't know how to post them, the photos are when this girl was a puppy, r/w with lots of white, loopy tail and in need of getting back to her puppies.

    If anyone in the area can help, please contact Rose Marie.
    No one wants a basenji lost.

  • Sharron,

    Lisa already posted about this bitch being lost, see the other thread about lost dog in ID

  • Oh, great, nope, I didn't look just wanted to get this out.
    Sorry for the second post.

  • The picture the owner provided to Sharron is of the girl as a young puppy. She is now 12-14 months old.

    Again, this girl whelped a litter on Thursday. I am sure she is scared and confused and needs to get back to her babies. If anyone is in the area or knows people in the area, please spread the word.

  • Thanks Lisa, anyone who can help this poor scared momma dog, is an angel!

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