Found B in OKlahoma city

I sure hope he finds his mommy and daddy..

It didn't say if they tried to have him scanned for a chip or that they called the local shelters.

I have e-mailed the poster and suggested they have their vet check for a microchip. If someone got that dog from a breeder chances are they will have microchipped it. since it was neutered, the vet would have encouraged chipping.

I will pass this on to BRAT

First Basenji's

I just came across a person in OkC that lost a male b/w b on 3/2, so I emailed them both sending them each other's craigslist links. Hopefully this is the owner. I know I would be in pieces if Cody was missing for a few minutes, much less for 4 days! If either happen to email me back, I'll let you guys know, if you are interested.

I just heard the owners of the b have been found.

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