B lost, Wa state, kirkland/bellevue area

  • From: Bill Bowlus-Root [mailto:billbr@brincnet.com]
    Subject: Lost Basenji – our own Winnie!
    Importance: High
    If you can help with a search tomorrow, it would be greatly appreciated. If you know someone who lives in the Bellevue/Kirkland/Eastside area who could help, please forward this to them.
    Yesterday we placed our two girls, Eartha and Winnie, with Malia and Chris Weise, a wonderful couple and their two children who live in north Kirkland. They previously had a Basenji, so knew what to expect of the breed.
    At 7:30 this morning, the girls managed to escape from the fenced in back yard (we're still not sure how). Malia realized it right away left voice mail for me, and then started searching for them. She tracked them all over north Kirkland and then on to the downtown area. After she lost them for about 10 minutes, she caught site of Eartha again but not Winnie. I joined in the search as soon as I got the voicemail. We managed to capture Eartha about 9:00am, so I went home and printed some fliers and maps. By 1:00pm we had an initial papering of most of south Kirkland and then went on another round with Paul and one of Malia's friends to fill in some areas that were less traveled.
    We were rewarded with several sightings, from 8:15am through 10:15am all in south Kirkland near Northwest University and down to Lake Washington Blvd, from downtown to Hwy 520. At one point, she was seen coming off the off-ramp from southbound I-405 at 70th Pl and crossing the busy intersection with NW 68th St., heading West (thank goodness!) away from the freeway! According the the reports, people were stopping their cars and trying to help her. She was too scared to come to anyone, of course. She zigzagged her way through the area, and was last spotted running West down the hill on NW 52nd St. toward Lake Washington (for the 3rd time). The woman who saw her lost sight of her where the road turns at the railroad crossing (no trains on those tracks anymore) and thinks she may have gone down the tracks. I did some searching there with no luck.
    If you can help us out tomorrow -- putting up fliers or handing them out to people and businesses, or walking/driving some of the neighborhoods in the area -- for an hour or two or more, please let me know by replying to this email or calling my cell phone -- 425-445-9047. I'll give you details about when and where we plan to meet to get organized.
    Please keep Winnie in your thoughts through this cold, rainy night. And thanks for your help!
    Bill Bowlus-Root
    Baraka Basenji

  • I forwaded this info to all my friends who live on the Eastside.

    I hope they find her today!!!! What color is she???

  • Red and white

  • Thanks for posting the color. I just got home from work and got this post.

  • Please tell me they found her!!! It's is a grey wet day today…..

  • Houston

    oh no..I hope they get her back before she gets hurt..poor, scared little girl..
    Keep us updated, please.

  • THEY FOUND HER........
    A gentleman saw her in the middle of Lake Washington Blvd on Tuesday afternoon. He didn't want her to get hit, so chased her a short ways before enticing her into his car with his lunch of Chicken McNuggets. He called us when he found our phone number on one of the fliers this afternoon. So she was actually loose only about 6 hours. She's unhurt and completely fine!
    That's pretty amazing since we've been able to establish that she crisscrossed Kirkland at least 3 times while she was out. She actually got onto southbound I-405 at NE 85th St and was running across all lanes of traffic before some kind people stopped and shooshed her down the off-ramp at 70th Pl NE. She was also responsible for stopping traffic at the intersection at the end of the ramp as well as in front of Northwest University (twice) and Lake Washington Blvd (also twice).

  • I can't tell you how happy I am right now!!!!!:):)

    I have been talking to all my Bellevue/Kirkland friends to be on the lookout and to tell their friends too!!!

    My heart is happy.:D:D:D:D:D

    Thank you sending this wonderful update Sharron!!!!

  • WHAT basenji can ignore a chicken nugget???
    Yes, this is wonderful news, and heaven was watching out for this girl, in her travels.
    Those are very busy roads.

  • Houston

    ooohh, what happy news.. I am so happy she is off the streets and safe again..bless him for getting her..
    Thanks for letting us know.
    I will hug Otis, Moses, Luna and Gus extra hard and thank my stars they are safe.

  • It sure can happen to any of us.
    I am glad this was a happy ending.

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