• I should know this, I'm sure.

    We are walkers in this family. If the weather is good, verbalobe and I try to hit our mile circle at least three times during the day. Last week, when Zelda turned 13 weeks, we started taking her on one of those circuits. She did great. We had been doing shorter walks with her from day one (except when the snow was over her head).

    Yesterday we took her on two of the circuits, several hours apart. Again, she was energetic, thrilled. She doesn't try to stop or dig her heels in. But she's only fourteen weeks and I know her bones and joints are still growing – FAST. Is there anything I should be watching for as signs she's doing too much? Or am I being an overprotective worrier?

  • As long as on the walks she is able to self pace and you are willing to carry her home when she's had enough, you are probably okay. The big issues for growing puppies are high impact activities that are not self paced by the puppy.

  • I suppose we can call galloping along laughing "self-pacing". 😃

    She seems to think a mile is for weenies and slowpokes.

  • Sophie was like that as a puppy. By 16 weeks she was happily going on 2 mile hikes and she was probably doing closer 4 miles with the running up and down the trail. She set the pace and did as much as or little as she wanted. If she got tired then we were willing to carry her but she just had a ton of energy.

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