• Looks like Zoni is coming into season again. Timing is kind of weird though. I guess this could be considered a spring season, but it's still winter here basically. This is her second season, first one was in late July (~7.5 mo) and now she is almost 15 months old, so about 7-8 months apart. Not exactly 12 months or 6 months either, but I guess she didn't read the book exactly. I think her aunt Whitney (her sire's sibling) had wacky seasons for the first couple of years so maybe it's a genetic thing.

    Figures that this happens now that we're going to go after her majors. Hopefully I can keep her weight under control. :rolleyes:


  • LOL… these kids are very good about not reading the same books we do! Good luck and hopefully she will keep her trim figure...

  • I think she knows that she can't go to obedience class if she is in season. Sneaky girl…. :p

  • I am so lucky to have instructors that allow in season girls in classes. No outs for my girls, they still have to work.

  • I talked to Whitney's owner and sounds like it's a high probability that Zoni will have Spring and Fall seasons or some combination of one or two over the years. Whitney and Lyric and their dam, Kalema - who is also Pow's dam - all have had two seasons a year at some point as well as several of Whitney's daughters. I find it so cool I can find out so much information like this about my dog's pedigrees…and from just one person, even.

  • That is how my girls' seasons were when they were young also. Usually the spring season was in March. She may have been around some bitches coming into heat at the show, and that pulled her in. Ivy was spayed before she went to more normal cycles, Blondie and Luna also had wierd cycles until they were about three or four. Then they kind of went back to a more predictable fall cycle. Bella always has been a fall girl (except for the year that she had her litter)…so there is definintely some room for variation. A lot of people have found that those spring cycles are shorter, and often not productive for breeding.

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