How long time?

I have ordered a faconitest for Tric and just wonder how long time will it take for me to get the test - and when they have it back with his DNA how long do I have to wait for the result?

We got results in a 2 weeks (by email).

it took 4 weeks for my puppy test kits to arrive, then 3 weeks for the results - published on the OFA site today - i still havent had any email confirmation of them.
Thankfully all were as they were expected to be, but it would have been nice to have them a bit earlier.

It is really important to save your confirmation number so you can check the status of your order. They processed L'Ox's results within a week of recieving it but it was another 5 weeks before it was on the OFA site. So checking the status makes a big difference.

Okey, thank you. Then I probably will have passed him om befor I get the kit, just have to send it to his new home then. 🙂

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