Maya Posing

Thought i'd share these pictures i just took of Maya. She is very much in need of a bath, muddy baby :o

Playing with a pot she stole from me:

And with a tatty old pug toy she found:

With a rather stressed out Lilah (Maya kept dropping the toy on her!):

Little Lilah:

Reclining on the back of the sofa:

Last one, just cos i thought it was cute 😃

She's scrummy, in the favourite Basenji position on the back of the settee 😃
Poor Lilah, bombarded with a toy Pug from the battelments.

She is so cute! 🙂 the toy dropping thing, chaf does that with buana too

In the second pic of Lilah, she is looking like "can somebody please help me get rid of this B.." 😃 Maya looks like a princess on the back of her sofa 🙂

The fourth pic from the bottom, Maya looks like she is winking! "Hey check me out!" 😉

You can always tell the B girls, they do not have to be told they are good….....they just know it. Especially the tri's 😃
The last pic.
" I knew it, that curly thing has followed me here ......again."


She is so lovely, dirty or not. I love the last picture.
…Lilah is wonderful too..

Thanks for the replies!! She is such a princess, bless her. She only got up for her breakfast and a pee this morning. Once that was done she went back upstairs and got into bed again, she's still there now! She definately rules the house 😃

I dont know what it was about the last pic that caught my eye, but its cute isnt it?? It was actually an accident, i didnt mean to zoom in but obviously hit the zoom without realising! Oops!

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