• Okay our new puppy has no intrest in Puppy/ dog toys. He does seem to want the baby toys and the kids slippers. So how do I get him to play with the puppy toys We even took him to the pet store (where I met Vanessa626) and he didnt seem to like any of them. Any suggestions?

    Oh and is it normal for him to be so shaky still? No one is near him its just me in the room and hes curled up shaking with his eyes shut tight. Is this normal is he just adjusting?

  • Some don't show much interest in toys. Others are very picky and figuring out what makes one toy the right toy and another the shunned toy can be difficult. Right now mine seem to like any toy they can pick up and run away from their siblings with. It is very funny to watch them try to steal the stuffed duck that is twice as large as they are.

    The pup might like the slippers and kids toys more because they smell most like your family. If you have stuffed toys for the pup maybe let the kids play with them and get their scent on it so it smells like the family.

  • If he is shaking it could be that he is cold. What temperature is it in your house? Do you know how warm his breeders kept their house? You may keep you house cooler than he is used to.

  • Our house is about 65-70 degrees. I have no idea what temp the breeder kept their house at. Hes on my hubbys lap curled up and still shivering. We thought about getting him a coat today too and couldnt find one that I liked that was small enough.

    I just want to make sure he is okay and shivering is an okay thing and if it could just be because he is nervous and adjusting

  • They will shake when nervous but if he is shivering when sleeping I would think he is probably a little cold. 68-70 is what my 7 week old puppies seem to find comfortable when they are sleeping. For them if it is a little cool in the house they can snuggle up to their siblings.

    The best coats I have found by far for my basenjis are Fido Fleece coats. They fit well and they are "boy cut" so the boys don't pee on them. I don't know what stores in the Bay Area sell them but here is their website, http://www.fidofleece.com/ My adults fit a 16 and Rio the 2 year old actually fits in a 14 though it is a little short along the back.

  • Lexi really likes the laser pointer. Just make sure you keep it out of her eyes. I would guess the shivering is from being cold. Basenji's like it hot. 🙂

  • B's tend to be cold natured. Abbey likes to wear her sweater around the house in cold days.

  • We went out and got Guru a coat tonight he hasnt been shaking since than 🙂 Thank You everyone. He is now curled up on my sons lap being pet and sleeping 🙂

  • Here is what I mean about toys twice the size of the pups. I actually bought this stuffed bone toy two years ago as a snuggle toy for Rio when she was crate training. These pups love to drag it around and play with it. They really like anything I squeak for them though.


  • Stores also carry those bean bags that you can heat up (humans use them as heating pads). We got Lexi one at Petsmart recently. She LOVES it. You put it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it heats up the inside. We put it in her bed and she'll go circle on it and then plop down right in the middle. It's too cute!! You might want to try that- it's a nice alternative to having an electric heating pad.

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